Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Rosemount Hotel

Food Prices

How the hell does The Rosemount make any money charging what it does for its food? I'm a lady of discriminating tastes and spending less than $20 for a meal with a pint of coke makes me feel dirty.

The most expensive things on the menu were sharing platters, but I don't want to share with anybody.

I ended up ordering the  primavera pesto quiche ($15, can you believe it!), with "potato, onion, celery, carrot and olive quiche drizzled with pesto served with side salad & fresh chips".

Food Quality

Upon receiving this meal, I realised with horror that chips count as a vegetable, further exacerbating the vegetable-heavy problem this meal had.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to find that this food, despite being cheap, excelled at being average. The quiche reminded me of those open top pies you get at petrol stations or - dare I say it - at the university cafes. It was in the same "Mrs Macs" style pie crust, filled with rather bland vegetables. I honestly wouldn't have thought anything of it if I saw something of this calibre in one of those locations for $4.50. I was really glad that I was served something so ordinary.

The meal was about 40% chips, 40% salad and 20% quiche.

I was pleased to find that the chips were not only over-salted but a little bit on the cold side when I got them. It's hard to screw up chips at a pub but The Rosemount did a reasonable job so I really do commend them on that.

However, the worst part of the evening was the side salad - it was a basic sort of lettucey affair (full of vegetables, ugh!) and it was actually very tasty. The dressing in particular was scrumptious. However, it's very disappointing that the worst thing I can say is about the side salad which was on all the plates, since it seems like everyone might have had to deal with eating something delicious.

To be honest, I didn't even BOTHER counting the vegetables - in the menu it lists 5 vegetables inside the quiche. Needless to say, there were too many of them.

Overall Rating
  • 1 point per menu item over $25 (max 6) - 0. I couldn't find a single item over $25, except for sharing platters meant for several people - even the surf and turf analog clocked in at $23. Desipicable.
  • -1 point per vegetable on my plate (max +3, min 0) - 0 again - I ate a vegetarian meal, so it was covered in vegetables, including chips.
  • Rating of how much I hated the meal (max 3) - 2 - At least this one had some awful food to make up for the lack of expensive options and the fact that my plate didn't have a scerrick of meat on it. Doesn't get the full 3/3 because the side salad had delicious dressing. 
Overall rating: 2/12 = 17%.

This evening was a huge let-down - the only saving grace was that the quiche was something that I would expect to get from a petrol station for $4.50.

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