Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Breakup: A Playlist

Well, I'm moving back to my hometown after a year in another town for work.

As a result, me and Mr Wonderful are no longer any sort of official "thing". It's been an emotional time, and I made a playlist to commemorate it.

The biggest thing I noticed when putting this list together is most of the songs are singing about women, and most of the time the perspective I was wanting to give was one in which Mr Wonderful was in the role of the woman. Otherwise some of the songs seem kind of arrogant, improperly placed, or weird. 

For those who may be interested, here's the playlist with a few lines from each song for context.

I Don't Want to Be Alone    by    Billy Joel
So here I am standing, waiting in the lobby
Sweating bullets in this stupid old suit
And when she sees me she busts out laughing
"You're a sad sight honey, but you look so cute"

Unbroken Ground    by    Gary Nichols
It's gonna be a hard row, but it'll be worth it
'Cause I know, underneath the surface
What's a-waiting if you dig a little deeper down

Fifty Stories    by    George Hrab
They are something but they don't know what that something really is.

I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight    by    Toby Keith
Well, I'm not talkin bout locking down forever, baby.
That would be too demanding.

Laid    by    James
The neighbours complain about the noises above
But she only comes when she's on top

Never Knew    by    George Hrab
I never knew what rhymed with orange
But still you asked me to fix your squeaky door-hinge

What Destiny Intended    by    Nicholas Rush
This is what Destiny intended from the moment it entered the star system.

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This    by    Toby Keith
You shouldn't kiss me like this
Unless you mean it like that
Cause I'll just close my eyes
And I won't know where I'm at

Another Spin    by    Barenaked Ladies
I wonder--where have you been? 
Will I see you again
I give the globe another spin
All this time I'm wonderin' 

For A Little While    by    Phil Vassar
And I laugh every time I start to think about us
We sent that summer out in style
And she's gone but she let me with a smile
'Cause she was mine for a little while

I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song    by    Jim Croce
Ev'ry time the time was right 
All the words just came out wrong
So I'll have to say I love you in a song

I Know    by    Barenaked Ladies
I know why you bite me
It's cause of your canines and your instincts
And 'cause I kicked you

Cool Thing    by    Rascal Flatts
Talk about a sunset
all I could see were purples
and reds
and her silhouette wavin' goodbye
she didn't come there lookin' for love
and the cool thing was
neither did I

Two Feet of Topsoil    by    Brad Paisley
There's two feet of topsoil
A little bit of bedrock, limestone in between
A fossilized dinosaur
A little patch of crude oil
A thousand feet of granite underneath
Then there's me

Tomorrow Is Today    by    Billy Joel
I've been livin' for the moment
But I just can't have my way
And I'm afraid to go to sleep
'Cause tomorrow is today

Still Got Yesterday    by    Emerson Drive
Today may not be fair and tomorrow may not be there
But I've still got yesterday

In the Car    by    Barenaked Ladies
I said "Goodbye, I guess"
She lifted up her dress
and so I must confess,
we made out one more
time before I left for good

Let's Hear It For The Boy    by    Deniece Williams
My baby, he don't talk sweet
He ain't got much to say
But he loves me, loves me, loves me
I know that he loves me anyway

I'll Make a Man Out of You    by    Matthew Wilder
Let's get down to business
To defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters
When I asked for sons?

Make A Mistake    by    Brad Paisley
So I say worst case we'll be left with
Lots of good memories
This chance we have well it's worth that
So make a mistake with me

Famous Last Words    by    Billy Joel
These are the last words I have to say
That's why this took so long to write
There will be other words some other day
But that's the story of my life

The New Sad    by    Barenaked Ladies
Everybody knows it's never getting better
Everything must go and you will have to let her
And never see her face again.

Insatiable    by    Darren Hayes
We never sleep we're always holdin' hands
Kissin' for hours talkin' makin' plans

November    by    Emerson Drive
Lookin' back I can't explain
What happened on that dark December day
I guess we were just two kids
Going different ways

Barbara Ann    by    The Beach Boys

You got me rockin and a-rollin
Rockin and a-reelin
Barbara ann ba ba
Ba barbara ann

Running Out Of Ink    by    Barenaked Ladies
I cycled by your house
I saw you on the lawn
I see you all the time
Now that you are gone 

Hello Cruel World    by    Klinger

From St Kilda to Watsonia North
is fourteen hours by public transport
But worth it to be with you

Fuck This Town    by    Robbie Fulks
Now it's 4 years later, and I'm wonderin' where I went wrong
Shook a lotta hands, ate a lotta lunch, wrote a lotta dumbass songs

Goodbye, Good-Lookin'    by    Robbie Fulks
And when I think of her I know I'll smile
Yeah, the earth sure felt like heaven for a while
But one blink of those blue eyes
And heaven was gone
Well, goodbye, good-lookin', so long.

It Was A Very Good Year    by    Frank Sinatra

When I was seventeen
It was a very good year

It was a very good year for small town girls
And soft summer nights
We'd hide from the lights
On the village green

When I was seventeen

Brains Body Both    by    George Hrab
you better stay naked outside the shower
you better ding dang dingle for over an hour
then calculate binomials to the 10th power

Sexy Nerd    by    Jonny McGovern
watch you come alive
while I rub off on your hard drive
My tongue be waggin
while you play Dungeons and Dragons

Unfinished    by    Barenaked Ladies
I took her hand, but it was not in matrimony
I told my side, but it was never testimony

If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)    by    Billy Joel
If I never find the song to sing you
If you always find it hard to comprehend
Well, you know there wouldn't be much meaning
If I had to sing those tired words again.

I Never Did Like Planes    by    Robbie Fulks
I can't believe that we're all through
I never did like planes, but I sure loved you

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