Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Modest Proposal §1

On the 12th of May, 2012 at about 8pm I proposed to Mr Wrong.

He said yes. In fact, as I got down on one knee and held his hands, he gushed in surprise and delight and gave me a big hug.

But let me take you back a few months to when I made the decision to propose. I was talking to a friend who had recently gone through a breakup. She was telling me about how it felt (apparently: not very good!), and everything sort of fell into place in my mind and at that moment I realised what I needed to do.

The feeling that really sticks with me is when Mr Wrong is up in Perth studying, and I'm at home on my own. When I'm in bed reading, I'll sometimes hear a noise and I'll look to the door of the bedroom hoping he's coming to join me. The feeling of disappointment when I remember he's in Perth is really awful. It's to the point where I've stopped sleeping in our bedroom when he's not home, instead watching Project Runway on our fold out couch.

That feeling - that need to be with him - is what made me decide to do it. The feeling I get when I look at him. The way he smiles. How we've both grown and changed as people, but that we've grown together. The fact that, even after all this time, we still love spending time together.

As a couple, we knew we were going to be together forever from very early on - at about the one year mark. It just worked. We clicked right from the start like with nobody before or since. Our goals align. Our attitudes align.

We're perfect together.

So we're getting married :)


  1. awwwwww

    *takes all the credit*

    1. Do you really deserve that much credit? After all, I had to kiss the guy for four and a half years! I think I deserve a little recognition for that!