Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Modest Proposal §2

For some reason, I was in a bad mood that night. Like, a really shitty mood. I was yelling and angry for no reason, bailed out on attending a party at the last minute, and all-around acted like a shitty girlfriend thanks, in no small part, to Mr Wrong deciding to get a kebab.

Yes, really. (Mr Wrong says: "To be fair, that was an awesome kebab").

All of a sudden, at the McDonald's in Innaloo, I realised that Mr Wrong puts up with bullshit like that from me far more often than he should, and far more patiently than he should. Again, things crystallised in my mind. I texted Mr Oldman and Miss Prism to let them know my plan - they both freaked out - and all of a sudden I was in a good mood.

I told Mr Wrong that we should take a walk together instead of going to the party. Went to Hillarys Marina. We went there a lot when we first started dating - in fact, our first date was held at a stall selling magnetic jewellery that we wanted to ask questions about. A fitting start to a skeptical powercouple, I guess?

I parked the car near a park and we sat on some swings and talked and hung out. Then we walked up the hill to a lookout.

The view from the lookout during the day. 
It has a nice view during the day, and it was on that very lookout that we kissed for the first time. I was super nervous at the time and couldn't stop giggling. This time, I was nervous but not giggling.

We sat on the table and Mr Wrong, ever the musician, started experimenting with the noises that the table made when he punched it. I started talking about the story Miss Prism told me about her breakup and it made me think about how much I need him in my life, and how I felt about him, and all the rest. I told him I loved him. And then I said those fateful words: "I guess what I'm trying to say is," (gets down on one knee, grabs his hands) "Will you marry me?"

An imperceptible pause and he says yes, professes his disbelief, and hugs and kisses follow. A bit of giggling too, I'd bet. 

Then we walked down that dark, twisty path and I slipped on some gravel. I got right back up and more giggling was had. We held hands and hugged like the little schoolgirls we are.

The path to the lookout! Much scarier at night, much darker! ooooo, spooky!
Then, Mr Wrong says "we should go to that party we skipped and tell everyone!" and I respond with a wholehearted "HELLS YES" and off we go for a 30 minute drive back to that party. We play some romantic music, including our song - Chloroform Girl by Polkadot Cadaver.


  1. Geez rambling extrovert, you missed the best bit. Ie: What happened at that party on a certain someone's bed.

    1. That was originally meant to be for §3, silly. But then I decided it would basically consist of "everyone freaked out, strangely enough the girls more than the guys, and then we ended up consummating our engagement on a bed for reasons hat continue to elude us".